July 21, 2012
"I’m straight, but I’m so flattered by all of this! I’m very flattered that the video is catching onto the gay community like this. I never set out to make a statement with this video, but I’m getting so many messages saying that I’m inspiring so many people to just be themselves. It really does give me a good, warm feeling."

I interviewed Ton Do-Nguyen, the 16-year-old straight boy behind the Beyonce Snuggie send-up, about his video’s gay fans. I see Ton as a queer icon of tomorrow—he represents a new coalition of gay, bi, straight, trans, and queer teens who are embracing their fabulous talents in whatever form they take, no matter how they ID. This is the flip side to “It Gets Better“—it doesn’t get much better than this. (via amandahess)


i want to high five this kid so many times.

(via amandahess)

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