August 19, 2010
the literacy project i've been involved in for a few months is finally reaching fruition, and that fruition is a kickass book and an awesome release party at the decatur book festival on sept. 4

For three months in the Spring and a little bit in the Summer, 17 generous professional writers donated their time to help improve the writing skills of 17 5th graders at our neighborhood charter school. Each student learned how to craft a story from a family member.

The resulting book of stories, Don’t Forget That Day, will debut to fanfare, trumpets, and fireworks* at the Decatur Book Festival this Labor Day Weekend.

copy editing this book made for one of the best afternoons OF MY LIFE. there is a story about iron man that made me laugh and cry like one of those insane women who only exist in romantic comedies. another made me completely reevaluate how i interact with men more ferociously than anything i’ve read since i picked up “a doll’s house” my senior year of high school. this book is awesome, you all should buy it, and you should come to this party so the kids who wrote it feel as awesome as they are.

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